The Hasten Ecosystem

We’re a network of individuals and organizations who each contribute something unique to the creation of a new economic reality.

The Founding team

Peter Coughlanhas worked for more than twenty years with organizations and communities of all shapes and sizes to help them create futures of their own design. Before Hasten, Peter was a senior partner at IDEO, a global design and innovation firm, where he designed new-to-the-world products, processes, services, environments, and systems, and where he co-founded and led the Organizational Transformation practice. Peter has taught at the intersection of design, leadership, and transformation in the Social Lab at California College of the Arts, with Stanford Continuing Studies, and with Aarhus University’s / Copenhagen Business School’s Leadership and Innovation in Complex Systems program. He is also an affiliate with the Institute for the Future.

Sheeba Sen has spent the last 10 years working across rural India on poverty alleviation initiatives; from building farmer to cup supply chains for coffee farmers in the south to heading a grassroots rural development nonprofit in the Himalayas. Three years ago she founded Alaap, a social enterprise with a mission to catalyze regeneration across India. Sheeba studied International Relations at the London School of Economics, followed by the Legal Practice course at the University of Oxford. She practiced at an International law firm in London for three years before returning to work in rural India.

Adam Sgrenci works at the intersection of construction and international development. Adam’s worldview was shaped at an early age by witnessing society’s exploitation of people and planet. To better understand the dynamics at play, he went on to earn degrees in Economics, Geology and International Relations. He is a student and teacher of world history, a career carpenter, and an advocate of construction workforce development. Adam has devoted much of the last decade to helping traditional builders and ConTech firms embrace and implement strategies for workforce empowerment throughout the Americas, North and West Africa, and South Asia. He is the author of several publications on Global Social Movements, Latin American Politics, and International Infrastructure.

Our partners 

These organizations help us conceive and implement projects that accelerate regeneration.


Center for Infrastructure and Society

EcoAgriculture Partners

Global Regeneration Co-lab

Healthy Climate Alliance

Impact Consulting Group

Landscape Finance Lab


NOW Partners

Regen Network

Our strategic advisors

These folks advise Hasten on strategic direction.

Paul Chatterton is the lead and founder of the Landscape Finance Lab, a global platform for incubating sustainable landscapes at the World Wildlife Fund.

Raymond Chavez is a senior VP at Earth Council Alliance.