Why we exist

By now we all understand our planet is undergoing rapid degeneration–record species extinction, freak weather events, stark economic inequity, and political upheaval on every continent. Business as usual cannot carry on.

Out of this chaos, we see a radically different future emerging, one in which humans work closely with nature to leverage her enormous regenerative capacity—the ability to create, with just a little nudge from humans, seemingly endless abundance. 

Machineries for growth

We call these nudges machineries for growth. By that, we mean the infrastructure, technologies and processes that allow a region’s assets (things like water, soil, forests, and fields, as well as sanitation, transit, energy, and food systems) to rebound and then perform at new levels. Through this transformation of distressed assets and infrastructure, we create engines of economic growth. We transform the places people flee into vibrant communities that people flock to. 

At the same time, we make progress toward some of the planet’s most urgent goals—restoring biodiversity, removing CO2 from the atmosphere, creating new economic options for youth. All in the places across the world that most badly need it. Our aim is to put in place the operating systems that create opportunities for economic growth, social cohesion, and equity, and that also heal our planet.

Hasten Regeneration is a fiscally sponsored project of Inquiring Systems, Inc. EIN: 94-2524840

Hasten is launching Hasten Ventures in order to bring large-scale impact investment into our projects. Stay tuned!